We tailor our cleaning programme to each individual client, ensuring we carry out the tasks that will give you the maximum extra free hours to spend on more enjoyable things. Whether you want more time to spend with your family, to pursue a hobby, to study or work, or simply to be able to relax more, our service will make that happen. After all, life’s too short to spend it cleaning!

Our cleaning of holiday properties is always different the service we offer to privately owned properties.

While cleaning holiday properties, our cleaners clean everything, empty the fridge, change all the bedding, etc.

Remember you can always choose what you want from us.

When cleaning holiday villas and apartments it is always very important that all cleaning is completed in time for the next tenants.

It is also possible for tenants to check-out in the morning, and that same day the next tenants are due to arrive. This is not a problem.(Due to Covid 19 regulations this service is no longer available and a minimum of 24 hours between guests must be adhered to)

If there are any limitations on the time we have to clean your property, we will guarantee everything is clean and ready for your next tenants by increasing the number of cleaners to either 2 or 3.

For cleaning holiday villas and apartments, we always make an appointment with the owner of the house.

We discuss your needs and note clearly the change-over days of your property and make a plan for the most appropriate cleaning days.

Whether you require a changeover cleaning, a regular domestic cleaning schedule, or you need help with other household tasks like ironing we can help.

With the current situation (COVID-19) We now provide an antiviral fogging service to ensure your property is safe.

Please give me a call on 633 624 232 to carry out a deep clean, builders clean, regular house clean or a client change over clean, thanks for reading Jenny x

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